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Open Letters.

Open Letters is run by the FaFa elected team with the goal of providing a platform for students and faculty at UBC SALA to address issues of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Each letter is disseminated internally in print and publicly through email and on our website.

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Submissions should be a maximum of 1000 words, and must be written in the letter format. The letter is to be addressed to a specific party, and will be disseminated to the wider SALA community. The letter is formatted on 1"1x17'" paper and includes a graphic title page, which can be specified by the author(s) or designed by FaFa in response to the letter's contents.


We are able to accept letters at any stage of the writing process and emphasize collaboration with authors through the editing process. At this point, we are only accepting submissions from authors within the SALA community, including alumni.



Please include your name and the names of your collaborators as well as your degree program or title with a draft of your submission to

Anonymity is an option, as long as we are able to reach you regarding any edits.






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