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This groups aims to discuss and challenge the existing attitudes and practices that is common in the design field and within education. Our aim is to advocate for all student voices, regardless of their sexualities, abilities or genders. We strive to be a group that can communicate any inequalities to faculty, professionals, and our peers.

A priority for FaFa is to promote diversity in critics and faculty members. This accountability lies on faculty but should be an ongoing dialogue between students and faculty. FaFa can be thought of as a voice for those who are feeling disenfranchised within the architecure school, as much as anything else. We’re not just about making fun collages!



FaFa was founded by Olivia Daigneault Deschênes in Spring 2018. Most of the executive members graduated that year and it did not continue. In Fall 2018 Pera Hardy resurrected the collective and reformed the group. 2021/2022 will be its fifth year. 

Awards and Initiatives

In spring 2019, FaFa recieved the Women Deliver grant. These funds were used for the publication of Zines for sale. The publication includes the collages created by students during our Zine Make events. We hope to include other forms of work in future publications

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